Jan 2, 2015

Player - Baby Come Back (1977)

Player - Baby Come Back (1977)
"Baby Come Back" is a song by American rock band Player. It was released in October 1977 as the lead single from their self-titled second studio album. It was written by lead singer Peter Beckett and J.C. Crowley. The song was their biggest single, hitting number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 10 on the soul charts, in 1978. It was the breakthrough single for the band, gaining them mainstream success, and the only number-one hit of their career.

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  1. Oh God! Do I have some memories with this playing in the background!
    To only have 1 day, to go back to that time in life, and relive things when they were good, and you were just too young to know it.

  2. Funny how songs like this have stood the test of time, yet no one will remember a single Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus song 20 years from now.

  3. Features of This Track:

    pop rock qualities
    r & b influences
    mild rhythmic syncopation
    minor key tonality
    a vocal-centric aesthetic
    an electric guitar solo
    electric pianos
    subtle use of strings
    heartbreaking lyrics
    vocal harmonies

  4. February 4, 1978, Billboard

    LOS ANGELES — Following its No. I record "Baby Come Back," Player is at work on a second album which group members say will be an extension of its debut except with "more stretching out." The LP should also reflect the experience of extensive touring. "Our next album will reflect our live performances," says keyboard-ist/vocalist J.C. Crowley. Player has been on the road supporting its debut RSO LP, "Player." It has toured with Gino Vannelli for two weeks, three weeks with Boz Scaggs, a few dates with Heart and an upcoming seven-week tour with Eric Clapton slated to begin next month. Television appearances on "Mery Griffin" and "Mike Douglas" have also increased the group's visibility. The saga of Player's rise to the top began 'A years ago when it was signed to Haven Records. Then the label dissolved and Player was left out in the cold with a completed album. "The energy was there at the time," says guitarist/vocalist Peter Beckett, the only Englishman in the group. "We felt 'Baby Come Back' was a hit when we recorded it." After being turned down by a number of labels, RSO took a chance and signed the band. Since the release of "Baby Come Back," the group has been likened to Hall & Oates, with its rich r&b harmonies. Player has been adamant in defending itself against this comparison. "Most people who liken us to Hall & Oates." says bassist Ronn Moss, "haven't heard the rest of the album. "They (music critics) label us for the sake of labeling," counters Beckett. "Everyone is likened to someone. We only sound like them in part." The other members of Player include John Friesen on drums and Wayne Cook on keyboards. Cook is not pictured on the cover of the album because he joined after the cover had already gone to print. As for the development of its stage show, the band says it would like to "try something new and set up a stage environment," but as of yet, it still lacks the financial resources to achieve this. The success of its album and single, however, has given the group the financial freedom to record its new album without haste. Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter, producers of the first album will again arr. As for the evolution of the group's name, Crowley states: "We saw the word on television when the players from the show were listed. We knocked off the s and went with it. I think the word holds a certain ambiguity."