Major Lance - The Monkey Time on The Very Best Of Major Lance (1963)

Major Lance - The Monkey Time on The Very Best Of Major Lance (1963)
"The Monkey Time," is a song written and composed by Curtis Mayfield and performed by american R&B singer Major Lance in 1963, the song peaks number eight pop and number two R&B on the Hot 100, making Major a bona fide star. It also propelled the fad dance to the height of pop culture, along with Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' "Mickey's Monkey." After the song's success, Major even bought a monkey.

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The Monkey (dance)

The monkey is a novelty dance, most popular in 1963. The dance was popularized by two R&B records: Major Lance's "The Monkey Time", and the Miracles' "Mickey's Monkey" both Top 10 Pop hits released during the summer of 1963.

The Monkey
  1. Taking a fighter's crouch, face your partner and stand with feet apart, knees bent. Bend arms and close fists, thumbs up.
  2. Bend forward from waist to the left, raising right arm. As your body bobs, your head also bobs forward on each count. The whole effect is jerky.
  3. Straighten up to original position.
  4. Bend forward from waist toward your partner, facing centre, switching arms as you do so.
  5. Straighten to original position. Hands and head should give impression of monkey holding two bananas.
  6. Bend forward from waist to the right. Straighten to original position.
  7. Bob back to centre, bending at waist and again switching hands.
  8. Repeat entire pattern. Counts are double time, hitting every accent in the music.

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