The Babys - Everytime I Think Of You on Millennium 1975 - 1979 (1979)

The Babys - Everytime I Think Of You on Millennium 1975 - 1979
"Every Time I Think of You" is a song written by Jack Conrad and Ray Kennedy. It was a worldwide hit single for The Babys in 1979.

Released as the lead single from the Head First album in January 1979, "Every Time I Think of You" ascended to a Billboard Hot 100 peak of number 13 that April. The Babys' previous Top 40 hit "Isn't It Time" had also peaked at number 13; like "Isn't It Time" – which was also a Jack Conrad/Ray Kennedy composition – "Every Time I Think of You" augmented the vocal of Babys' frontman John Waite with prominent female vocals: whereas "Isn't It Time" had featured a female chorale, "Every Time I Think of You" featured a vocal solo by Myrna Matthews, Pat Henderson and Marti McCall although Annie Bertucci features on video clips as the sole backup vocalist. Jimmie Haskell arranged and conducted the string section heard on the track.

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"Every Time I Think of You" rose as high as number 8 on the Cash Box Top 100 Singles chart. "Isn't It Time" also peaked at number 8 on Cash Box in December 1977. "Every Time I Think of You" afforded the Babys a hit in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, with respective peaks of number 6, number 8 and number 11; the track also reached number 41 in New Zealand.

The track which had served as B-side to "Every Time I Think of You": "Head First", was issued as the A-side of the Babys' next single with another track from the Head First album: "California", as B-side. The "Head First" single peaked at number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Babys would have a third and final Top 40 charting in 1980 with "Back on My Feet Again" (number 33).

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