Bobby Vinton - Mr. Lonely On Collections Album (1964)

Bobby Vinton - Mr. Lonely On Collections Album (1964)

"Mr. Lonely" is a song co-written and recorded by Bobby Vinton. The song was first released on Vinton's 1962 album Roses Are Red.

Vinton began writing the song while serving in the Army. The song describes a soldier who is sent overseas and has no communication with his home. The singer laments his condition and wishes for someone to talk with. The single of Vinton's recording was released just as the Vietnam War was escalating and many soldiers were experiencing a similar situation. Vinton and Gene Allan later re-teamed to compose "Coming Home Soldier", which reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1967.

Vinton's recording was included on his Greatest Hits album during autumn of 1964 and was concurrently issued as a single. The song spent 15 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 1 on December 12, 1964, while reaching No. 3 on Billboard's Middle-Road Singles chart. In Canada, the song reached No. 1 on RPM's "Top 40 & 5" chart, while reaching No. 5 on the CHUM Hit Parade. The song also reached No. 2 on New Zealand's "Lever Hit Parade", No. 8 in Australia, No. 24 in Flemish Belgium, and entered into the top 3 in South Africa.

The Chantays - Pipeline On 100 Years Of Surfing (1963)

The Chantays - Pipeline On 100 Years Of Surfing (1963)
"Pipeline" is a surf rock song by the Chantays, which was recorded in 1962.

The tune, originally called "Liberty's Whip", was renamed after the band members saw a surfing movie showing scenes of the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. The tune, fitting in with the popular surfing craze of the time, swiftly rose up the Billboard Pop charts, reaching #4, and becoming a classic hit of its time. The tune is notable for using Alberti bass arpeggios.

Although they had myriad surf tunes, "Pipeline" was the Chantays' only hit single, and is considered one of the landmarks of the surf genre. The track's distinctive sound was largely due to the mix being "upside down"; the bass guitar, electric piano and rhythm guitar were at the forefront, while the lead guitar and drums were buried. Although the 45-rpm was released only in monaural, the track was recorded in wide stereo, with the rhythm guitar hard left, the bass and drums hard right, and the electric piano and lead guitar centered. Modern reissues, beginning with the 1984 MCA Records 7" single, are stereophonic.

In November 1997, the Chantays recorded a new acoustic version of the tune, entitled "Pipeline Unplugged", which was released on their album Waiting for the Tide.

The original release was on Downey 104-B, and was picked up for nationwide distribution by Dot Records, which released it as Dot 16440-B. The band's 45-rpm releases spelled their name as "Chantay's", with the so-called greengrocer's apostrophe. The ostensible A-side, "Move It", never charted, making this release an example of a "flipped disc".)

The song was previously used as background music for BBC Match of the Day "Goal of the Month" competition. It was also used for many years during the 1980s and 1990s as the entrance music for the Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team at home games in the Northlands Coliseum; "pipeline" being a pun on the oil industry.

Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life on The Very Best Of The Marmalade Album (1969)

Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life on The Very Best Of The Marmalade Album (1969)
"Reflections of My Life" was a 1969/1970 hit single for the Scottish band, The Marmalade. It was written by their lead guitarist Junior Campbell, and singer Dean Ford (born Thomas McAleese). Released in late 1969, it was the band's first release on Decca following an earlier spell at CBS.

The song went on to chart worldwide, reaching number three in the UK in 1969, number 10 in the US in 1970 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number seven on the Cash Box Top 100. Initial sales were significant in both countries, and the one million mark was reported in November 1971, when the group was presented with a gold disc for global sales. The track featured a lead vocal by Ford backed by vocal harmonies, and included a reverse tape guitar solo by Campbell.

"Reflections of My Life" has produced sales of over two million units. In 1998 the writers were awarded a Special Citation of Achievement by the BMI for attaining radio broadcast performances in excess of one million in the US alone.

WLCY Premiere: Redfoo - Party Rock Mansion Album (2016)

WLCY Premiere: Redfoo - Party Rock Mansion Album (2016)
Available March 18th, 2016, Party Rock Mansion is the debut solo album from Redfoo via Party Rock Records.

Listen to and download songs from the album Party Rock Mansion, including ”Keep Shining,” ”Party Train,” ”Too Much,” and many more.

Party Rock Mansion included first single "Lights Out," a guest feature from Stevie Wonder on "Where the Sun Goes," and "Juicy Wiggle," which was included on the soundtrack to the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie Road Chip.

1Keep Shining.mp45:33
2Party Train.mp43:23
3Too Much.mp43:23
4Beach Cruisin’.mp44:24
5Booty Man.mp43:42
6Lights Out.mp43:14
7So Lit.mp43:18
8New Thang.mp43:47
9Juicy Wiggle.mp43:52
10Good Things Happen When Ya Drunk.mp43:00
11Where The Sun Goes (feat. Stevie Wonder).mp44:46
12Meet Her At Tomorrow (feat. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike).mp44:02
13Maybe 3:22

WLCY Premiere: Parachute - Wide Awake Album (2016)

WLCY Premiere: Parachute - Wide Awake Album (2016)
This is a big surprice for WLCY RADIO listeners

Available March 11th, 2016, Wide Awake is the 4th studio album from Parachute via Vanguard Records.

The album comes preceded by the lead single “Crave”, released back in May. The album’s opening track “Without You” was released as instant grat along its pre-order on February 5th.

“What Side of Love” was released as the second promotional single with the pre-order on February 12th.


1Without You.mp43:48
2What Side Of Love.mp43:45
5Lonely With Me.mp43:38
6Love Me Anyway.mp43:23
7New Orleans.mp44:06
8When You Move.mp44:00
9Getaway on.mp44:45
11What Breaks My Heart.mp44:33
12Waking Up.mp44:09