Pablo Cruise - Love Will Find A Way (1978)

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"Love Will Find a Way" is a single released by American rock group Pablo Cruise from its album Worlds Away in May 1978. On the Hot 100 "Love Will Find a Way" came very close to matching the group's "Whatcha Gonna Do?" chart run for the seven weeks capping with its identical #6 peak, a year to the week later, from mid-July through August.

The song received a considerable amount of airplay during the summer of 1978, prompting critic Robert Christgau to say, "Hear David Jenkins sing 'once you get past the pain' fifty times in a day and the pain will be permanent", referring to the lyrics of the chorus.

The song was used on CBS' period drama Swingtown, at the end of episode 2, "Love Will Find a Way" (creating something of an anachronism, as the episode was set in 1976, two years before the song was released).

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  1. The band originally consisted of four members who find it amusing that people insist “Pablo” is one of the band members. They have the routine down pat. When asked to explain the band’s name they respond, “He’s the guy in the middle.” The company line continues when they describe Pablo as an honest, down to earth individual. Apparently Pablo got his last name of Cruise as a depiction of his “fun-loving and easy-going attitude towards life.”

    All joking aside, Pablo Cruise is an American soft rock band that found its niche perfectly in the mid to late ’70s with such hits as “Whatcha Gonna Do?”, “A Place in the Sun,” “Love Will Find a Way,” and “Cool Love.” The new wave movement swept most pop artists away and Pablo Cruise was among the casualties. Although they broke up in 1985, three of the four original members re-formed in 2004 (George Gabriel replacing Bud Cockrell), reviving the band much to the delight of their loyal fans.