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Dec 27, 2016

Pat Boone - Moody River on Pat Boone's Greatest Hits (1961)

Pat Boone - Moody River (1961) WLCY RADIO HITS
"Moody River" is a number-one Billboard Hot 100 song from June 1961 performed by Pat Boone. It was written by and originally performed by country rockabilly singer Chase Webster (real name Gary Daniel Bruce, not to be confused with Gary Bruce of the Knack). Webster was a labelmate of Boone's at Dot Records.

This was the title track from one of Boone's better-selling albums. Boone sang this song as if he were in pain. It was covered some years later by Johnny Burnette in 1962, also Frank Sinatra and Johnny Rivers. In August 2009, John Fogerty covered the song in the album entitled The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again.

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