Andy Gibb - I Just Want to Be Your Everything

Andy Gibb - I Just Want to Be Your Everything
Andrew Roy "Andy" Gibb (5 March 1958 – 10 March 1988)
"I Just Want to Be Your Everything" is a song recorded by Andy Gibb, initially released in 1977. It reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks, starting on the week ending 30 July 1977, and again for the week ending 17 September 1977. It was Gibb's first single released in the United Kingdom and United States. His previous single, "Words and Music" was only released in Australia. It is ranked number 26 on Billboard's 55th anniversary All Time Top 100 list

The song spent a cumulative four weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song first reached the top of the chart on July 30 for the first of three consecutive weeks. Then, The Emotions went to No. 1 with "Best of My Love" on August 20 for the first of four straight weeks. However, the song maintained strong popularity, remaining in the Top 10 before returning to No. 1 for one final week on September 17. "Everything" then fell out of the top spot for good, being replaced once again by "Best of My Love." The song enjoyed one of the longest Top 40 runs in the Billboard Hot 100 to that time; its 23-week run spanned from the end of May through the end of October. Billboard ranked it as the No. 2 song for 1977. The song also appeared on the Soul Singles Chart, peaking at number 19.

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  1. Bee Gees' kid brother Andy (1958-88) dominated the Disco Era, as three of his songs wrested #1 for one-fourth of Disco Zone 1977-78. Three of the best R & R histories are astounding in their NON-mention of Andy: Joe Steussy's Rock and Roll, Rolling Stone's Illustrated Rock History, and Donald Clarke's Penguin History of Popular Music. With Andy's pure falsetto choruses, kick stomp rhythm tracks, chick-a-booming guitars, and flashing hi-hats, Andy's 1st three records snagged #1. With his pleasant teenage smile, great British teeth, blond hair and almond-hazel eyes, Andy G. guided his silver Smokey Robinson tenor into a Blue-Eyed Soul sound as suave as Vintage Motown. The Manchester lad rides high notes like an unsinkable cork on a charcoal-gray Icelandic titanic ocean. His bassist chuffs quarter-notes, clutching the Tonic root note A (Key of 'A'). Laying on the expectant B-minor (11m) chord awhile, the expected Dominant Seventh (E7) never happens. Andy's cool tenor stalks the mix, overriding his screaming audience with charisma. Muted guitar riffs sporadically blister the treble zone, playing off swirly velvet strings into the hot chorus. "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" reels at 102 beats a minute, slow Disco in fast molasses gear. Drum riffs crunch and sparkle. Whenever Andy grabs a breath, or on iffy tacets, the snare lambasts a tempestuous tattoo. Like Jazz impressionist Sarah Vaughan, Gibb surrounds the crashing beat. Nothing slipshod or tatterdemalion wrecks this champ Disco hit.